Friday, January 10, 2020

Week of January 13 - 17



    Basic math facts are to math what the ABCs are to reading & writing.  Being able to quickly know and apply these facts, or tools, will make learning the concepts being taught in grade 7 a lot easier to focus on and learn.  Just like learning an instrument or how to perform a particular skill in your favourite sport, improving in math takes practice and patience but is well worth the effort!


      • Extra Schedules by Homeroom:  7-1,  7-2,  7- 4 . (Print and colour as needed)

    • Tues., Jan. 14 - 1:45 Presentation by Olympian swimmer Mark Tewksbury
    • Thurs., Jan. 16 - Grade 7 Dance Show @Lord Beaverbrook High School, 5 - 7:30pm.  *If a student is making their way on their own (walking over or catching a ride with a friend’s parent etc.) their parent/guardian must notify Ms. Romanchuk by email prior to the show with permission for them to do so.  Nicole Romanchuk:
    • Fri., Jan. 17 - ACE M123
    • Mon., Jan. 20 - Semester 2 begins
    • Fri., Jan. 24 - ACE M456
    • Fri., Jan. 24 - Report Cards
    • Mon., Jan. 27 - Complementary Course Change Forms available
    • Wed., Jan. 30 - LAST DAY to have Complementary Course Change Forms in.  There will be no class changes after this day.
    • Thurs., Jan. 30 - Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences 5pm to 8pm
    • Fri., Jan. 31 - No School
    • Fri., Jan. 31 - Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences 8 am to 1pm
    • Wed., Feb. 12 - YEARBOOKS!  If you want a yearbook this year, you must purchase one before this date.  There will not be any extra yearbooks ordered this year.  Please follow the six steps below, if you would like to order a 2019/2020 yearbook:   

    1. Go to
    2. Please fill in your Username and Password
    3. Select the student
    4. Click on 'School Based Optional Fees'
    5. Click on the box with 'Yearbook 2019/2020'
    6. Please make sure to choose 'Add to Cart' for your selection

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