Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Week of March 30 - April 3

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope that this email finds you and your family in good health, and we are excited to reconnect with one another again. 

Thank you for your patience as we have worked through some necessary planning in preparation for resuming structured learning opportunities for your child. We understand there has been a lot of uncertainty about what learning is going to look like moving forward.  We can assure you that we are going to work on key learning outcomes at-home within the parameters established by the province and CBE.

To help us understand your family’s access to technology and well-being, can you please provide an email response to your child’s homeroom teacher regarding the following 5 questions:

1.   Does your child have access to a computer, laptop, iPad/tablet, smart phone?

2.   Does your child have access to the Internet?

3.   Is your only option a paper-based education for your child?

4.   How is your family doing? 

5.   Is there anything we can do to help assist your child with their learning?     

Starting Wednesday, April 1, 2020, you will receive a weekly learning plan in the core subjects from your teachers.  These learning plans will be accessible through the Math, Science, and Humanities Teachers’ blogs.  Each week’s plan will highlight what we are working on, will include various resources and will explain the activities or tasks we would like your child to work on.

Ms. Ingram
Homeroom Teacher for 7-2
Math:  7-1, 7-2
Science:  7-1, 7-2, 7-4
Mr. Meadows
Homeroom Teacher for 7-3
Math:  7-3, 7-4, 7-5
Science:  7-3, 7-5
Ms. Brown
Homeroom Teacher for 7-1
Humanities:  7-1, 7-4, 7-2
Ms. Fabrig (Ms. A)
Email:  apfabrig@cbe.ab.ca  
Homeroom Teacher for 7-5
Humanities:7-3, 7-2, 7-5.

Ms. Owen
Email contact:  seowen@cbe.ab.ca
Homeroom Teacher for 7-4

If you have specific concerns or questions regarding your child's learning needs for a specific subject, please contact the subject teacher directly.

During this online learning period, teachers will be available via email during regular school hours from 9am -12:00pm and 1:00pm - 4:00pm.  Teachers will not be available in the evenings or on the weekends, but will reply to you in a timely manner. 

As per Alberta Education guidelines, each student in grade 7 should be averaging 10 hours per week.  We’ve decided to split the learning time evenly among the four core subjects:  Math, Science, & Humanities (Social Studies and Language Arts/Literacy).

We will primarily be communicating with you and your child through our class blogs, in conjunction with Google Apps that students are already familiar with.  We are still exploring the use of potential video or live lessons as we are still navigating an online learning format.   Students will continue to turn in their assignments via google docs.  

We recognize this is new for most of us and we will get through this together.  We are here for your child and look forward to being in regular contact with your child and yourself.


Cheryl Ingram

Math & Science Teacher 

On behalf of the Grade 7 team 

The Fine Arts team at Willow Park School along with Studio Artist Mark Vasquez-Mackay are a vital part of our learning community. They are an incredibly talented and caring group of individuals who understand how important the arts are at a time like this to nourish and sustain that creative aspect of our humanity. As a result, they have created a blog for all students and families as a community to visit and contribute to. The blog is called Fill the Well and it is a capacious handbag of artworks, inspirations and activities to fill your soul. We invite you to visit the site regularly.    https://willowparkfa.blogspot.com/

Please submit contributions to the site by emailing one of these teachers :  (Mrs. Schurig) caschurig@cbe.ab.ca, (Ms. Quinn-Hall) cfquinnhall@cbe.ab.ca, (Mr. Shank) rcshank@cbe.ab.ca, (Ms. Williams) lawilliams@cbe.ab.ca, Ms. Romanchuk) naromanchuk@cbe.ab.ca, or (Ms. Abma) htabma@cbe.ab.ca

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back!  I hope you are all doing okay and had a good Spring Break even though it may have been a bit different than you originally planned...  I know some of you are missing your regular routine of school, your friends, and your extra-curricular activities and may be a bit anxious about continuing your learning online.  I will be trying to keep it similar to what we would be doing if we were in the classroom rather than at home.  Please remember to reach out to me through email if you have any questions or need help.  I will be available for most of the school hours other than when I am in virtual meetings.  All of us teachers are self-isolating and working from our homes, just like you!

Downloading the Slide Show Lessons for Math & Science

·       Will allow you to view the material as it was meant to be viewed and also allow you to click on any video links).
·       You can discard the lesson into your trash after reviewing it so that it doesn't take up memory and space on your computer.  
·       Remember it will always be available for future review here on the Classroom Blog.  
·       Video links will appear as a hand when your mouse hovers over a picture

SCIENCE (about 2. 5 hrs/wk):

·       Textbook, Unit 3 Heat & Temperature, Topics 1-3Topics 4-6Topics 7-8.

·       Heat & Temperature I CAN Statements

Here are this week's learning tasks:

1.     (About 1 hr) Please download and review (no need for taking notes at this time) L1 Using Energy for Heat. *Optional:  Print and fill-in-the-blank (cloze-styled) notes while reviewing the lesson.

2.     (About 45 min.) Please download and review L2 Measuring Temperature

3.     (About 45 min.) Print out the Three States of Matter handout and complete the task or create your own Three States of Matter chart in Google docs and complete the task.  (You do not need to send me a picture or share this work at this time – it will be due later)

MATH (about 2. 5 hrs/wk):

·       Textbook, Chapter 2 - Decimal Operations,  Check Answers here

·       CH 2 Decimal Operations I CAN Statements

Here are this week's learning tasks: 

1.      (About 1 hour, 15 min.) Please download and work through (no need for taking notes at this time). (You will need paper and a pencil for the Show you Know portions and of course the Practice) L3 Dividing Decimals 

2.      (About 1 hour, 15 min.) Please complete the assigned questions at the end of the slide show as usual.
·       Make sure that you include the title, page numbers and questions. 
·       When you have completed the practice, please use the answer key to mark your work using a coloured pen/pencil. 
·       Next, take a picture of your completed work and email your completed work to me at clingram@cbe.ab.ca.  
·       This work will be due Monday, April 6. 

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