Monday, April 6, 2020

Week of April 6 - 10

Meeting with Students of 7- 2 Tuesday, April 7

Hello 7-2 Students,

I would like to have a whole class homeroom meeting online on Tuesday at 10:00am.  We are going to try out Google Meet/Hangout.  Our purpose for tomorrow is to just check in on everyone.  If you have something you can share about how you have been keeping busy while in self-isolation, that would be the first question I ask to you.  I will send an invite to everyone by Tuesday morning just before 9:45 am and if you follow the link, we should all be able to see and speak with one another.  However, if the link does not come to you, you can follow the instructions below:

Here are some protocols (rules) for having such meetings:

1. Go to close to the time of the scheduled meeting and log in using their email 
2. Copy the nickname from the invite. 72AwesomePossums
3. Click on the green ‘Use a Meeting Code’ button.
4. Enter the nickname into the meeting code box and click Continue. 
5. Once you click Continue, and if I am present, you will be taken to the waiting room. 
6. The final step is to click on the green ‘Join now’ button to enter the meeting room. (if the teacher is not present in the room, the student will receive a messaging stating they cannot create meetings).
7. When our time is over you must leave the Meet session and close down your browser window.

Here are some protocols (rules) for having such meetings:

1. Choose a room where there will be little or no distractions. 
2. Be careful to look around at what your classmates might see and ensure all is appropriate.
3. When you enter the Meeting Room, mute your mic (this will allow us to gather before we begin talking). 
4. Open the comment tab so you can type questions and comments as we begin our conversation. 

Hope to see you all Tuesday!

Ms. Ingram

Attention 7-4 students,

This morning at 10:00am there will be a google meet check in with Ms. Owen.  Please check your emails to join. 

Thank you!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Here are this week's learning tasks for Math & Science:

Downloading the Slide Show Lessons for Math & Science

·       Will allow you to view the material as it was meant to be viewed and also allow you to click on any video links).
·       You can discard the lesson into your trash after reviewing it so that it doesn't take up memory and space on your computer.  
·       Remember it will always be available for future review here on the Classroom Blog.  
·       Video links will appear as a hand when your mouse hovers over a picture

SCIENCE (about 2. 5 hrs/wk):

·       Textbook, Unit 3 Heat & Temperature, Topics 1-3Topics 4-6Topics 7-8.

Here are this week's learning tasks:

1.       (About 1 hr & 30 min) Please download and review L3 The Particle Model, Temperature & Thermal Energy 
*Optional:  Draw the diagram from the Pouring? Shaping? Filling? Activity #1. Use the list of properties from the questions on slide 2 and match them to each state of matter by writing them under your pictures of Solid, Liquid and Gas.  Colour if you want.

2.       (About 30 min.) Please watch Bill Nye's Energy video.  
*Optional:  Print and complete the cloze-styled notes.  Energy-Bill Nye Video Notes.  Check your answers here.

3.       (About 30 min.) Write a poem about The Particle Model (your choice of style). 
Check this website out to see an example of a poet's comparison of The Particle Model and Pointillism.

4.       Due:  Thurs., Apr. 9 - Your Three States of Matter and your poem. (take pic & email)

MATH (about 2. 5 hrs/wk) :

     Here are this week's learning tasks (due Thursday, April 9):  

1.      Please complete the following practice from, using pencil and paper:

Using Pencil & Paper:

·       Write down the question given on your paper
·       Complete the question with all the necessary steps
(the steps are shown right before you start the questions - if you need a reminder)
·       Check your answer and make corrections
·       Share your completed practice via email

a.  (About 45 min.). Long Division - Dividing with a remainder. 
Complete 6 questions, using paper/pencil.  Click here

b.  (About 1 hour). Long Division - Dividing a Decimal by a Whole Number. 
Complete 10 questions, using paper/pencil.  Click here

c.   (About 45 min.). Long Division – Dividing a Decimal by a Decimal.  
Please watch this Dividing Decimals video  before starting this work.
Complete 6 questions, using paper/pencil.  Click here 

2.      *Optional:  Complete some Decimal Art

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