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Week of May 11 - 15

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope it was a relaxing weekendJ

Math & Science Google Classroom: 

1.    Please submit/share all of your completed work in Google Classroom now.  It allows you to see what is due and what you have turned in.

2.    Please continue to ask questions or for help at

3.    Please DO NOT try to communicate using, as I will not be checking it.  (We have not used this email all year.)

Below are Week 7's Math & Science ongoing learning tasks.

As updates are continually being made to the blog, please "REFRESH/reload" this page EVERY time you look at it to see current information/directions.

For all slide show lessons:
1.      Download slide show to your device.
2.      Present/play slide show
3.      Hover over pictures to see “hand” or link OR I've added links to the bottom left hand side of the slide or under the picture that should take you to the video...
4.      Click on hand or link.  It should open up the video
5.      After reading slide show and watching videos, put the slide show in your trash so it doesn’t take up memory or space on your device.

SCIENCE (about 2.5 hrs/wk)

·     Textbook, Unit 2 Plants for Food and Fibre, Topics 1-3Topics 4-6.
·     Plants for Food & Fibre I CAN Statements

This week's learning tasks:

1.      (About 1 hr) Complete the Heat & Temperature Kahoot ChallengeJ.  (You will need to download and use the Kahoot app on your phone or your tablet/Ipad to play.)  Please use your first name and last initial.  Here is the Game Pin:  05441310

2.      (About 1hr 30 min) Catch up time for past work math or science...

MATH (about 2.5 hrs/wk)

                 Chapter 1, Coordinates & Design
·     Answer Key to:
(*Please look at the key(s) if you were stuck and to see the type of work you should be doing/showing)

This week's learning tasks (Due:  Thursday, May 14)

1.      (About 10 min) Complete and submit/share the Entrance Slips for 3.4 Area of a Parallelogram & 3.5 Area of a Triangle in Google Classroom.  

2.      (About 1 hr and 10 min) Complete Chapter 3 Review, pp.116 – 117, #1 – 5, 6, 7a, 8a, 9, 11a, 13, 14, 16 and submit/share your completed practice in Google Classroom.  Show your work/thinking.  **Use a calculator for 14b and 16b only.

3.      (About 1 hr and 10 min) Download & review L1 The Cartesian Plane.  You will need to use graph paper.    Please complete the Cartesian Plane Activity from the lesson ( slides 4 & 7) only and submit/share in Google Classroom.  *Do not do the textbook work - that's for next week:)
      (I don't have a printer and don't have grid paper at home either so I just made my own out of regular lined paper by drawing vertical lines spaced every 7mm).   PictureMy Cartesian Plane.  Here are some printables:  1cm grid.   0.5cm grid

Flex Time is a fantastic chance for students to drop in to say hi or ask their teachers specific questions throughout the week and to receive answers in a face-to-face format.  This is an optional session designed for students to touch in with their teacher and some of their peers while receiving support for ongoing learning at home.  
Fun Friday Social is also an optional session for students to share what’s going on at home, say hello to their pals, or share the hobby they’ve been working on.

FLEX-TIME – Q & A with teachers 11am - 12pm
Google Meeting Code:  WP7FlexTime

Fun Friday Social
Mr. Meadows 
Ms. A
Ms. Owen 
Ms. Larsen
Ms. Brown
Ms. Ingram
Ms. Romanchuk
Ms. Larsen
Mr. Meadows
Ms. A
Ms. Romanchuk
Ms. Larsen
Ms. Brown
Ms. Ingram
Ms. Larsen
Ms. Owen
Ms. A
Ms. Romanchuk
Ms. Owen

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Teacher Emails

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